Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Enzo Palminteri
Enzo Palminteri is the current Consultant for reconstructive urethral surgery for

  • the Hospital "Centro Chirurgico Toscano", Arezzo, Italy
  • the Hospital of Sacro Cuore , (Negrar) Verona, Italy

    Enzo Palminteri has practice locations in Arezzo, Milan, Verona, Rome, Naples, Palermo.

After graduating from a Classical Studies High Scool, in 1991 Enzo Palminteri attended the Medical School of the University of Florence, where he graduated from with the highest mark and  cum laude. In 1997 he obtained his Postgraduate Degree in Urology from the Urology Postgraduate Department of the University of Florence, Italy, receiving  the highest grade and cum laude.
Since 1992 he has carried out an intense clinical activity in the Urologic Clinic of the University of Florence. He has performed numerous surgeries of urethral reconstructive urology and is specialized in :Since 1993  he has worked with Guido Barbagli in the Centre for Reconstructive Urethral Surgery in Arezzo. He performs about 20 uretroplasties every week.

He has attended various urethral centers and has performed surgeries with some of the top specialists in the field:

  • 1998  Urological Department  of the  University of San Francisco  ( Jack McAninch, Larry Baskin, Tom Lue)

  • 2000-2001  Urological Department of the Hospital of Wordslay ( Aivar Bracka)

  • 2002  Urological Department of the  University of Norfolk (Gerald Jordan)

  • 2002  Urological Department of the University of Hamburg (Roberto Olianas).

Enzo Palminteri's scientific activity includes publications edited and printed in international scientific journals such as: European Urology, Journal of Urology, Contemporary Urology, Urology, British Journal of Urology.

He is the author of numerous Abstracts and Proceedings for National and International Conventions.

Enzo Palminteri is an member of  the following scientific societies : European association of Urology (EAU), SocietÓ Italiana di Urologia (SIU), SocietÓ Italiana di Andrologia (SIA), Associazione Urologi Ospedalieri (AURO).

Enzo Palminteri is the official reviewer for urethral surgery and reconstructive urology for the following journals : European Urology, World Journal of Urology.

Enzo Palminteri is a participant and keynote speaker invited to numerous national  and international meetings and congresses.

Enzo Palminteri is the Director of the courses of Reconstructive Urology for the Italian Society of Andrology

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